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Christine Camsuzou  PPG Industries

Christine Camsuzou,
General Manager, Optical Materials
PPG Industries

What role does PPG Industries play in developing innovative lens materials and products?

At PPG Industries, it is our vision to be the materials supplier of choice for the optical industry. Since the introduction of CR-39™ in the 1940’s, it has been our mission to provide the industry with quality materials that bring value to the people who cast, distribute, dispense, and wear corrective lenses. We continue to invest in R&D and in our manufacturing capability to assure that we can be counted on for innovative, high quality products and dependable service. With the more recent introduction of Trivex® material and NXT® sunlenses, we are continuing to advance this mission while constantly searching for new opportunities to bring innovative technologies to the optical industry.

What is Trivex and how is it growing?

Trivex lens material provides the complete package of crisp, clear vision, ultra-lightweight comfort, impact resistance and protection. Because of this unique combination of properties, the acceptance of Trivex continues to grow worldwide. Lens availability is expanding through new designs, manufacturers, laboratories, distributors and retailers. As the availability expands, more eyecare professionals are learning about the unique benefits of the material and are taking advantage of the opportunity to differentiate their practice by recommending Trivex to their patients. While the growth in the United States and Europe has been steady since the launch of the material in 2002, we are especially encouraged to see exciting growth in South America and new opportunities in China.

What type of Trivex marketing materials do you have available?

PPG offers a variety of education and marketing materials including brochures, training programs and posters. ECPs can visit to view and request these materials online. 

What is NXT and how does it complement the Trivex range?

We are excited to offer the first polarized lenses made with Trivex material with the launch of NXT Rx Sunlenses in 2008. The NXT Rx line offers a complete program for performance sunlenses that includes tinted, photochromic, mirror-coated, polarized and polarized photochromic options. The technologies incorporated into NXT sunlenses are impressive. For example, NXT Polarized Photochromic sunlenses are a combination of advanced photochromic and polarized technologies along with Trivex material technology. Eyecare professionals can now recommend a high performance polarized sun lens that offers clear vision, ultra-lightweight comfort and extreme impact resistance. 

What other opportunities have you found for this technology?

NXT frames made with Trivex material are beginning to catch the eye of frame designers. While NXT frames have been available for a number of years, new approaches to creating innovative designs and styles using this versatile material are being pursued. As experience designing frames with NXT increases, we believe there will be more unique developments and applications for this technology in the future. 

What does the future hold for the optical industry?

Consumers are looking for a combination of product features, performance and value. Lifestyles are becoming more active. We believe this will lead to the expansion of lens lines made from Trivex material, the addition of other innovative materials, the growth of polarized sunwear, and the continued introduction of other new lens treatments to better meet the needs of eyewear customers. We are very proud of the fact that we bring products to the market that help consumers see better, protects them and makes them feel more comfortable with wearing eyewear. It is through efforts of a talented and dedicated team of professionals at PPG that we are able to continue developing innovative products for today and the future.

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