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Interview with  
Revolution Eyewear
Bringing the magic of Disney to life with 
Wizards of Waverly Place and Toy Story

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EyeCare Professional Magazine: Disney has many popular tween shows. How did you select Wizards of Waverly Place for this new line?

Gary Martin

Gary Martin: Two things led us to choosing Wizards of Waverly Place. The fact that it is the #1 rated show on the Disney Channel, along with the cross gender appeal of Selena Gomez, was enough for us to want this project.

ECP: Same question for the Toy Story collection. With all of the popular Disney movies how did you decide to create a frame line based on Toy Story? 

GM: Toy Story is the single most popular animated movie of all time. We wanted to do a SPECIAL line for young children full of tremendous creativity and originality. It seemed like the perfect marriage. They are different. They are special. For those little ones with a larger than life, playful personality.

ECP: What are your overall feelings on parents’ spending habits as it relates to purchasing premium eyewear for their children? 

GM: It's Disney. This collection is not just made up of frames with 2 holes, 2 sticks with a thing in the middle. These collections are created with premium quality construction, unprecedented originality, and come with a premium brand name behind them. As the old saying goes…you get what you pay for.

ECP: Is this the first time Revolution Eyewear will have two new kids’ collections being launched at the same time? If so, is the company planning on marketing them individually or jointly? 

GM: We are launching them within 8 weeks of one another. The Wizards line aimed at kids 6 to 14, is already out there. Toy Story targets little ones 2 to 10, and is here July 1st…both in time for Back to School. Both are simply sensational, profit making, smile creating collections.

ECP: Tell me a little about each collection. How many frame styles are available for each line?   

GM: The Wizards of Waverly Place collection presently has 5 styles available (3 girls & 2 boys), with 2 more (1 girl and 1 boy) scheduled to be released shortly.

The Toy Story collection has 6 styles which will be available mid-June (3 girls & 3 boys) & 6 additional styles available in mid-July (2 girls & 4 boys).

ECP: What color options are available?

GM: The Wizards of Waverly Place collection are available in a wide array of eye popping colors including matte light and dark brown, matte pink, blue and red, grey, silver, pearl red, olive, sky blue, and amethyst to name a few. The temples on these frames show images from the show and feature other embellishments such as crystal flowers.

The Toy Story Collection is also available in a wide range of colors with unique names such as Candy, Chocolate, Nassau Blue, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pretty Pink, Candy Red and Sky. Temples on these frames feature pictures of the popular Toy Story characters such as Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie. Some frames also feature cable temples which also depict these characters.

ECP: What eye sizes are available for each line?

GM: The frames are available in eye sizes ranging from 45 – 49 eye.

ECP: What materials are the frames available in?

GM: The frames are made of zyl and metal.

ECP: Revolution Eyewear is known for their popular sunglass collections. Is there any consideration to adding a sunglass line to the Wizards or Toy Story collections? 

GM: Unfortunately, Disney already has a different source other than Revolution Eyewear for all of their branded sunglass needs!

ECP: What is the recommended average retail cost for the frames? 

GM: The suggested retail price for both WOWP and Toy Story is $119.95.

ECP: What type of POP is available to help optical retailers sell the Wizards and Toy Story line?

GM: We will have available Counter Cards and Window Vinyls for both collections, as well as a 3-piece display for either collection.

ECP: As the frame lines grow, will you consider looking for other joint ventures outside of the Disney family to keep up with the creative and innovative style that Revolution Eyewear is known for and create a division dedicated to children’s eyewear? 

GM: We started our relationship with Disney several years ago with That's So Raven. Now we have taken on WOWP and Toy Story. We are fortunate and successful enough to have Disney continue to want to partner with us and I would be delighted to oblige them as long as possible.

Paul DiGiovanni, LDO, is a practicing optician who resides in New Jersey. to be here for awhile.

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