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POP (Pizzazz Our Products)

db-4k POP from Europa International

Do you remember the days when only one or two of the kid’s in your class wore glasses and that those poor children were called four eyes? 

In those days your entire stock of children's frames were tucked away neatly in some drawer and seldom saw sunlight. Well, gone are those days...and thank goodness. Today, many children do not simply squint to see better; they correct their vision and we get to sell them glasses! Since we all know that children, from toddlers on, rich or poor, want to look good, the corrected vision is almost put aside; it’s looking "cool" that counts.

According to the Vision Council of America, one in four children has a vision problem that can interfere with his/her education. Depending on your finances or insurance plan, your children will want to pick out their own frame. You may be losing business if you do not have your children’s frames on display with eye-catching POP (Point of Purchase) with the correct merchandising. You obviously can’t buy every line out there, but it is nice to give your patients a substantial selection. Pick out lines that are fun and bright and don’t be too concerned about name recognition. Small children really don’t care. Ask about the POP and use it. It’s usually free and your rep will set it up.

Here are some of the best:

From Soccer to Surfing-Europa International has a db4k line with 17 unisex styles. To add to these bright styles, the line comes with a colorful mirror and tiny arrow stands to highlight the frames. Lead the display with the brightly colored frames and drape the more practical colors around the mirror. This is sure to catch a child’s eye and lead them away from the boring brown frames. They even have cables for boys and girls that come is sizes as low as 40.

A Magic Kingdom-Marchon’s Disney Collection has fantastic POP that focuses on Belle from Beauty and the Beast with a three piece display and mirror to match. This collection features several of the Disney princesses that are completely recognizable by children. Ask the representative merchandising your optical to imitate the Disney Store by displaying some Disney postcards in some picture frames.

Chocolate-Every child likes chocolate and can identify with M&M’s™. Eyewear Designs has a variety of unisex kid-friendly frames with wonderful POP. Hershey's™ Eyewear appeals to the sweet tooth in all children. The frames are vibrant and fun and the displays look like the candy. They even have a Hershey’s Kiss™ with a place for a frame at the top. Many children will gravitate towards these frames as they “are pulled” towards the candy in the aisles in the grocery stores. With parents’ ok….add some candy to sweeten the deal.

Simple Fun-ClearVision makes Koodles, a more economical line for children, with bright colors and the POP that features kids playing. “I wish I could be one of the kids in the POP.” They have a “Back to School” fabric poster with the happiest kids you have ever seen partaking in the simple joys of life. They also offer a fun counter card and a Koodles ID card. They may not recognize the name, but the free POP creates a fun fantasy world where children are happy just having fun at the park.

From your favorite boutique-Lilly Pulitzer is famous for matching outfits for mothers and daughters. The same is true for its eyewear. Kenmark makes delightful “Lilly” POP for this collection. With the purchase of 6 frames, the company offers a girly tray with a floral insert. There is also a one-piece floral display and each frame comes with a small Lilly hand bag that acts as a case. Not bad for the little princess of the family.

Imitate the cool-Juicy Couture by Safilo has introduced a children’s line to compliment their adult line. The girl line has butterflies and bright colors with Juicy logos. Though there is no official POP for the children’s line, your rep can do a lot at the dollar store. Order the 8-piece Juicy display and make it for children by having your rep add feather boas, sparkly confetti and children’s bright jewelry.

Graffiti-It always gets attention. Signature Eyewear makes a great sport line for the Gen Y kid. This frame is plugged-in, complementing the plugged-in child. The computer, Facebook and portable video games are the essentials for this boy. Y-Sport by Dakota Smith is a collection of eyewear designed specifically to compliment these hobbies. It has great styling for the active young guy with flexible memory metal and 180 degree spring hinges. The POP includes a graffiti-style dispensing mat, a folded mirror, several sport counter cards to choose from, and one piece riser all featuring the Y-Sport logos. Y-sport stickers are available and the case is soft and flexible for boys “on the go.”

A vintage-style candy store-PEZ® Eyewear by A & A Optical offers plenty POP to choose from. Use it all if you have room. They have 8-piece display, a vintage lunch box for the nostalgic parent, a large poster and a logo plaque. Each child gets a free PEZ® mouse pad for frames purchased until August. Each frame comes with a colorful, candy-shaped case that children will love to flaunt around. This is for the sweet tooth in all of us.

The post-script to POP as a marketing technique is of course the reminder that the P - Pizzazz should always be subordinate to the O P – our product. That means the quality of the frames always comes first. Although the children may be smitten by the glitz and what’s “cool,” the responsible adults involved, (whether it’s the doctor, the optical staff, sales reps and manufacturers) know that the construction, durability and fit of the frames is what really counts. That’s “the stuff” that sound business is made of and what keeps us in business long after what’s “cool” becomes passé.

Laura Miller

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