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Marcolin Eyewear
Frame Your Style with the Marcolin Difference

EyeCare Professional’s Paul DiGiovanni, LDO, speaking with Maurizio Marcolin, Style & Licensing Officer, Marcolin Eyewear.

Maurizio Marcolin, 
Marcolin Eyewear

Please explain how the Marcolin family evolved into the optical giant they are today?

Marcolin was founded in 1961 by Giovanni Marcolin Coffen when he opened the “Crafts Factory” in Cadore, Italy. The company quickly established a reputation for its distinctive style and innovative design. By 1968, “Marcolin Ochhiali Doublé” as it was now known, began to market its eyewear in the United States. As frames were making their mark in the 1990’s as a fashion statement, Marcolin expanded their product selection to include the sunglass market. Today, Marcolin employs more than 1,000 employees and has a distribution network in 80 countries.

What are the differences between the many different lines?

The Roberto Cavalli collection offers a fantasy of color, print and style that comes together as a mirage of elegance, refinement and sophistication, inspired by cultures far and wide, while the Kenneth Cole line shows an accessible designer with a conscience, inspired by people, culture and the spirit of New York City. Tom Ford demonstrates a true luxury brand with a reputation of being a trend setter, not a fashion follower. Mont Blanc conveys luxury, allure and exclusivity with attention to detail, drawing inspiration from the colors and trends found in the Mont Blanc accessories collection.

Briefly describe the frames for each of these collections.

Roberto Cavalli’s optical collection offers feminine modified rectangular shapes, along with pillow shapes, bow tie and a few vintage ones. Sunglasses bring many oversized recs and slightly rounded fronts in many variations. The details and embellishments for sun and optical encompass crystals, monogram logos, and metal decorations. Animal prints and snake patterns are also part of the designs. Colors range from rose, gold, bronze, gunmetal and ruthenium for metals and black, tortoise, olive green, plums and horn effect for acetate styles with lenses 
to match.

Kenneth Cole offers mostly classic and vintage shapes for men and women in a variety of ways: wayfarer, cat-eye, rectangular, round, pillow and butterfly shapes to name a few. Colors are muted with matte, brushed and a few shiny finishes for metals. Acetates range from classic colors like black, tortoise and browns to horn, double laminates (front to back) and gradient shades done in a couple of ways: top to bottom or from the bridge to the sides. Sunglasses and optical frames mimic each other in color and design, but are different when it comes to shapes.

Tom Ford offers true vintage shapes with an updated look for men and women. You can find variations of wayfarer styles, soft to extreme cat-eyes, aviators and navigators, club masters, round, rectangles and exaggerated shapes in both the optical sunwear lines. Metal colors vary, offering shiny and matte metal finishes that range from rose gold and brown, to gunmetal, ruthenium and nickel tin. Acetates encompass true vintage shades in dark and light Havana hues, translucent colors with pearl finishes, and special striped and horn effect colors that are specifically developed for Tom Ford.

The Mont Blanc collection provides classic shapes with exclusive designs inspired by its jewelry and writing instruments. Mostly geared towards men on the optical side, the frames come in totally rimless, semi rimless and full rim styles with modified rectangular shapes. Designed for men and women alike, the sunwear styles provide rectangular shapes, aviators, and navigator for the male audience, as well as, large recs and modified rounded shapes for women with the Mont Blanc star as a trademark on every design. Specialized hinges, leather inserts, wood temples and filigree weaving are just some of the sophisticated details that are part of the collection.

What is the minimum purchase requirement to open an account?

The minimum purchase requirements vary depending on the collection. For example, with Kenneth Cole the minimum opening order is 24 pieces whereas with Tom Ford its 36 pieces.

What kind of POP is available to ECPs once they purchase the line?

Counter cards, logo blocks and 3 piece displays are available for each brand. In addition with some brands [Tom Ford, Mont Blanc] we offer free standing displays. We also offer a window display program for each brand which can be tailored, depending on the size of the practice, but usually contains museum mount, glass topped pedestals and a large seasonal image.

What is your target market for each line respectively?

While each brand has core specific demographics, we try not to ‘define’ each brand by age demographics but rather by lifestyle. For example, Tom Ford appeals to a customer who is bold, classic and aware of different trends while Mont Blanc appeals to a consumer who appreciates authentic and well crafted styles and demands exclusive product. Kenneth Cole on the other hand appeals to the socially aware and politically minded looking for a sophisticated yet uncomplicated style.

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