Top Ways For Men to Boost Sexual Stamina and Performance

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Boost Male Sexual Performance

Are you a man who want to increase your sexual ability in the bedroom, going all night if need be? If so, you’re not the only one.

Guys everywhere are always looking for methods to improve their sexual performance. This might include improving current performance issues, or looking for new techniques to keep your partner satisfied.

Although there’s no shortage of male enhancement products being sold, there’s still plenty of other easy ways to stay harder and last longer without needing to take prescription drugs or supplements.

It’s important to remember that your penis functions based on blood pressure, so be sure that your cardiovascular system is in tip-top condition. Put simply, if it’s good for your heart, then it’s good for your sexual health.

Continue reading to learn more simple things that you can do to boost your sexual performance.

1. Stay Physically Fit

One of the best ways to increase your overall health is to engage in regular cardiovascular exercise. Although having sex can get your heart rate going, regular exercise can help boost your sexual performance by making sure your heart is in great condition.

A half-hour a day of a sweat-inducing workout, such as running or swimming, can go a long way to increase your sex drive and improve erectile function.

2. Relax

Being stressed out can cause problems in many facets of your health, including your sex drive.

Being stressed increases your heart rate (not in a good way) and raises blood pressure. Both of these issues are harmful to libido and sexual performance.

Mental stress can also impact the ability to achieve or maintain an erection, or to reach an orgasm.

Exercise, yoga, and/or meditation are excellent ways to lower stress levels and improve your health.

Additionally, having a discussion with your partner about your stress can help to calm you down as well, while increasing the strength of your relationship at the same time.

Too much stress can also lead to negative habits, like smoking or excessive drinking, which can also put a damper on your sexual performance. Speaking of which…

3. Let Go of Bad Habits

Some of the things that people turn to when trying to unwind, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, can also adversely impact sexual performance.

Although research suggests that moderate amounts of red wine can improve circulation, too much drinking can have negative effects.

Stimulants like nicotine constrict blood vessels and have been tied to erectile dysfunction. Quitting (or at least reducing) smoking is one of the best ways to increase performance.

By replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones, like working out and eating well, you can greatly improve your sexual health.

4. Add More of These Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet

There are some specific foods that can also help you to increase blood flow. These include:

  • Garlic and Onions – While these foods might not be the best thing for your breath, they can definitely help improve your blood circulation.
  • Bananas – This fruit is loaded with potassium, which can help decrease your blood pressure, helping to improve the function of your sexual organs and increase sexual performance.
  • Hot Peppers –  Believe it or not, naturally-occurring spicy foods can help reduce hypertension and inflammation, thereby improving your circulation.

5. Also Add More of These Foods

Here are a few additional foods that can help to get your blood flowing more:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids – Occurring naturally in foods like tuna, salmon, olive oil, and avocados, this type of fat is known to increase blood flow.
  • Vitamin B-1 – Found in foods like pork, kidney beans, and peanuts, vitamin B-1 helps improve the speed of nervous system signals, including those from your brain to your penis.
  • Eggs – Loaded with other B vitamins, eggs aid in keeping hormones in balance. This can help reduce stress that can often hinder achieving an erection.

6. Catch Some Rays

The sun’s light reduces the body’s production of melatonin. Melatonin not only helps us sleep at night, but it can also quell our sexual desire. Reducing melatonin during the day can potentially lead to greater libido.

Going outdoors and getting direct sunlight on your skin can help re-awaken your libido, especially during wintertime when the body increases melatonin production.

8. Focus on Your Partner

Sex isn’t meant to be a one-way street. By giving your undivided attention to your partner’s wants and needs, you’ll not only make the experience pleasurable for them, but you’ll likely prevent from getting too turned on too fast. Discussing this ahead of time can help prevent any awkward moments if you need to slow things down when things get overheated.

Changing your pace or giving more attention to your partner so you take a break can make the experience more pleasurable for the both of you.

7. Masturbate to Improve Sexual Stamina

If your bedroom performance time is shorter than you’d like, you might just need a little practice. Although having sex is the still the best way to practice for sex, you can also help increase your sexual stamina and staying power by masturbating.

That said, how fast you masturbate could lead to the exact opposite effect. If you hurry through it, you could unwittingly decrease the amount of time you last with a sexual partner. The key is trying to make it last, the same as you would when you’re not going it alone.

9. Talk to a Doctor if Necessary

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s disease, or any other sexually-related conditions, you may need help from a physician. Don’t be shy about talking to your doctor to see how you might be able to better improve your sexual performance.

Bottom line: It’s always a good idea to exercise and eat right. Not only will it improve your physical and mental health, but it can renew your sex life as well.

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