The Advantages of HIIT Workouts

The Advantages of HIIT Workouts

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is a training method that alternates between quick and intense workout sessions and short recovery periods with less intensity. In this period of exercise, you push yourself to your limit. This type of exercise doesn’t last long since you’re putting a lot of effort. It mostly goes up to thirty minutes.

HIIT can be done in any type of physical exercise like running, swimming, squats, press-ups, etc. The most common ratio to perform this workout is at an interval of 4:2.

Benefits of HIIT

1. HIIT exercises are efficient in burning calories since all you have to do is work out for a short period giving it your best and burning a lot of calories. According to researchers, HIIT burns twenty-five to thirty percent more calories compared to other exercises. HIIT consists of less time than other forms of exercises but burns more calories than they do while saving you time.  Here is a look at a HIIT workout.

2. HIIT workouts are more efficient than others since they leave you burning more calories even after you’re done exercising. HIIT increases your metabolic rate enabling you to burn more calories even when you’re not mobile. HIIT exercises also switch your metabolism from burning carbs to burning fat according to researchers. HIIT has been studied and been found out to burn more fats than traditional exercise even without the dietary restrictions. It reduces visceral fat which mostly causes diseases by seventeen percent. HIIT is most effective in weight loss for overweight or obese people.

3. HIIT helps in muscle growth in some people. This muscle gain will be observed in areas being trained the most like legs, and trunk. Muscle gain is also mostly observed in individuals who weren’t active before beginning this form of exercise. With already active individuals, there is research that shows the lack of muscle growth.

4. HIIT helps in increasing the amount of oxygen that your muscles use. The goal of this training is to improve oxygen consumption by muscles. This is traditionally achieved by constant cycling or running at the same speed.

5. This exercise form helps in increasing endurance. Once you’re used to this exercise, you can endure any other form of exercise.

6. HIIT exercises are vigorous hence it’s advisable to do them at least twice a week and let your body rest so you reap its full benefits. Doing them every day won’t give you the desired effect since your muscles won’t get to rest and grow.

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