The Top 10 “Healthy” Foods to Avoid

Fruit Juice

What Are “Bad” Health Foods?

Bad healthy foods are those foods mistaken as healthy. You know, the ones that you grew up being told to eat if you wanted to have good health. These are the foods that I saw my family members eat because they were trying to improve their health. And now these are the same foods that we know today are destroying your health. But there’s a lot of people today who are still consuming them.

Artificial Sweeteners

First on the list is artificial sweeteners. A lot of people are using these: aspartame, Equal, Sweet and Low, etc. These different artificial sweeteners taste sweet, but they don’t raise your blood sugar. But there’s a problem – they cause irritable bowel syndrome. They cause neurological issues. They can even cause a sugar addiction problem because you’re constantly consuming these artificial sweeteners, which makes you want more and more sweets.

Consuming artificial sweeteners can also lead to metabolic issues. My advice: stay away from the artificial sweeteners. There’s a lot that’s still unknown about them, but there also is a lot of correlated health problems that we are aware of. Best to avoid them altogether.

Fruit Juice

A lot of people think that if you want to be healthy, you got to have your fruit juice every day. The problem with it is that you’re basically separating the sugar and the flavor from the actual fruit itself. So you end up stripping the fruit of its fiber and drinking what amounts to a very sugary, fruit-flavored water.

That’s definitely something we want to avoid because it contains high amounts of sugar. If you want that sweetness, eat the fruit itself and drink water.

And please, don’t give it to your kids, either. It’s not good. It’s going to rot their teeth out. It’s a very unhealthy thing to consume a fruit’s juice by itself.

Whole Wheat

Many people are eating whole wheat because they think that it’s the healthier option. Whole wheat in most cases today is no different than your bleached white bread, simply because of the way it’s processed.

So if you’re looking for a healthier bread, look for something like a sourdough bread, or an Ezekiel sprouted grain, or something of that nature, but not your traditional cheap whole wheat bread from the store. It’s just not good for you.


For many years there were a lot of health experts saying to use margarine because butter is so unhealthy. So people everywhere were using margarine, which is we now know is essentially a chemical hydrogenated oil cocktail that is terrible for your health. It’s been linked and correlated to heart disease.

If you want to consume something, use good grass-fed butter. Stay away from the margarine.

Low-Fat Foods

Like margarine, this is a big one. I remember family members eating low-fat and no-fat foods because they were trying to lose fat. After all, how can you eat fat and lose fat at the same time? It’s impossible, right? Well, of course we know now that’s not true, so we have to make sure that we’re avoiding this low-fat, no-fat nonsense.

Essentially what they did for years was to strip all the fat out of the food, and as a result it tasted terrible. In order to make it taste better, they put sugar and all those other “really healthy” things in there for you.

So you can see what has happened to the food supply, it’s just spiraled downhill. So when you’re consuming yogurt, cheese, or dairy products for example, make sure that you’re getting full fat. Make sure that when you’re buying food that you’re not buying no-fat or low-fat food. The fat is good for you. It tastes good. It’s satiating. It has a lot of health benefits. Your nervous system needs it, every cell in your body needs it.

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar? Really? I remember when my wife and I first started eating healthy, we were told how it was so much better to use agave nectar over regular sugar. So as a result, we went and got these big old jugs of this godly nectar, and I remember making puddings with it and it was so amazing.

Well, as it turns out (we learned like two weeks after the fact), agave nectar is actually terrible for you. It’s super high in fructose. It’s hard for your liver to break down. And also, agave nectar is going to cause metabolic syndrome. So bottom line, stay away from agave nectar.

This is not a health food and yet it’s on the shelf of almost every health food store or health food aisle in the grocery store. So, definitely stay away from agave nectar.

Gluten-Free Products

The problem with gluten-free is that a lot of people trade a gluten problem for a metabolic problem. That’s because you start getting into all these different gluten free foods that are essentially full of really low-quality starches and flours, like potato starch, potato flour, cassava flour, etc.

Plus, they typically put a lot of sugar in these foods in order to make them taste better. So, you’ll probably want to stay away from gluten free foods in general. .

Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils of course are important to stay away from because they’re hydrogenated, and in most cases coming from GMO crops. They are heavily sprayed with toxins like glyphosate, the active ingredient in roundup. On top of that, they are highly inflammatory and very likely to cause health problems.

So, stay away from vegetable oils and use better quality oils instead: coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil are good examples.

Factory Farm Meats

Okay, this one’s a little bit scary – we definitely want to make sure we’re staying away from factory farm fish, but also the factory farm meats. This is because in these factory farms , they essentially have the animals in close quarters where they’re all getting sick, so they’re pumping them full of antibiotics, hormones and pharmaceuticals that essentially all comes to you when you eat the meat.

It’s estimated that 30 million pounds of antibiotics were used in animals just last year. So be aware of that and just stay away from these factory-farmed meats.

Soy Protein

And last on our list is soy protein. A lot of people use soy because it’s more of a vegetable based protein. Big problems there. First of all, the soy is typically GMO, which once again is highly sprayed with glyphosate. Also, soy has been known to mimic estrogen in the body, so it causes estrogen dominance and also decreases testosterone in men.

So, when we start thinking about consuming healthier foods, stay away from the soy protein bars and the soy shakes. Now one of the things that you can do is fermented soy. It is a better option when it comes to soy, but don’t just get your typical soy proteins because they are very unhealthy for you.

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